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    (Julia Bonn/Inga Zimprich)

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         Picture: Mathias Völzke

      Feminist Health Care Research Group develops workshops, exhibitions and publishes its research in zines. Since 2015 we are also building a growing collection of books, mostly including second wave feminist publications, zines and publications from the health movement.
   From 2016 on we began to find out more about the health movement, which emerged at the intersection of second wave feminism and the squatting scene during the late seventies and early eighties in West-Berlin. Featuring institutions and practices from the health movement, we created the exhibition and workshop program Practices of Radical Health Care which was shown at District Berlin and M.1 Arthur Boskamp Stiftung in 2018, in excerpts at Bergen Assembly 2019 as well as in exp. 2 Virginia de Medeiros - Feminist Health Care Research Group in the frame of 11th Berlin Biennale 2019/2020.
      The publication Practices of Radical Health Care - Materials from the health movement of the 70ies and 80ies summarizes this research.

Below you find projects, participations in exhibitions, podcasts, and workshops kind of chronologically.


    ◯ In 2020 the FFBIZ (Feministisches Archiv Berlin) is digitalizing and archiving the documents and interviews from the health movement that we have gathered and presented in Practices of Radical Health Care.

We recorded a number of podcasts and conversations during Covid-19 Lockdown and after. We joined the online version of the Club Culture Festival with the
    ◯ Online Workshop:
         Being in Crises Together (in German)

We spoke to Sarah Ulrich for the podcast
We Care by Taz:
    ◯ Kollektiv verletzlich sein (in German)
We joined the
    ◯ Global Staffroom
by Manual Labours (Jenny Richards, Sophie Hope)

    At exp. 2 of Berlin Biennale 11 at Exrotaprint we have shown the archival exhibition Practices of Radical Health Care in an exhibition together with Virginia de Medeiros. It featured documents, copies, posters, interviews with/on radical health initiatives such as HeileHaus (healing house), Radical Therapy, Feminist Therapy, Gesundheitstag (health day), Gesundheitsladen (health centre), Apothekerkollektiv (pharmacist's collective), Feministisches Frauengesundheitszentrum Berlin (Feminist Women*'s Health Centre), 13. Mond, (13th moon), Männerrundbrief (men's newsletter) and more.
Katrin Dinges supported us by equipping the exhibition with Braille labels.

    ◯ Radical Health Care:
         Between Archive and Practice

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    ◯ Workshop Encountering Each
         Other in Crises

         Laura Lulika, Steam, 2018

    We were glad to host Sickness Affinity Group's Fatigued Compassionate Oracle with a Q&A as our final event at exp. 2 of Berlin Biennale 11. The Fatigued Compassionate Oracle is a collective voice aiming to support sick, disabled, and care-giving artists and cultural workers with navigating accessibility and working conditions.

    ◯ The Fatigued Compassionate Oracle
    ◯ Sickness Affinity Group


           On invitation by Nora Heidorn FHCRG showed an excerpt of its research on the health movement in the exhibition Sick and Desiring in the frame of Bergen Assembly 2019: Actually, the Dead are Not Dead.
Workshop Politicising healthcare, Activate knowledge from the health movement


Poster Practicing Radical Healthcare at Sick and Desiring


    ◯ Practices of Radical Health Care, Materials from the health movement of the seventies and eighties. Risographed publication summarizing our research.


   ◯ Practices of Radical Health Care – Materialien zur Gesundheitsbewegung at M.1 Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung, Hohenlockstedt
31. September - October 2018


   ◯ Workshop Sick Time, Crip Time, Caring Time with members of FGRG and Sickness Affinity Group, M.1 Hohenlockstedt


   ◯ Conversation with Gabriele Freytag, author and therapist, co-founder of the feminist therapy center in Hamburg


    ◯ Practices of radical health care - materials of the health movement of West-Berlin during the 1970s and 1980s by Feminist Health Care Research Group (Julia Bonn, Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich)
   June 16th to July 29th 2018 Kabinett at District Berlin

   ◯ Exhibition Announcement

   ◯ Events Announcement

   Workshop Program:


    ◯ Would you support me? A workshop on Radical Therapy with Jess Ward and Inga Zimprich


    ◯ Workshop on Vaginal Self-examination with Monika Kalkbrenner, Joan Murphy


    ◯ Lieber Krankfeiern als gesund schuften with Barbara Bohl, GeKo, Ulf Mann

   ◯ Curating Sickness. Panel conversation with Steffi Wiens (Platz da!), Tori Abernathy, Zofia nierodszinska, Romily Alice Walden, Zuzana Janeckova. Alpha Nova Galerie Futura

    ◯ Workshop at Akademie der Künste, München, January 2019

    ◯ FGRG's zines are part of the exhibition Heroic in its ordinariness, curated by Staci Bu Shea and Julie Dickover at Crisp Ellert Art Museum, St. Augustine, Florida

    ◯ In conversation with Gabriele Freytag in her radio show Auf wilden Wegen – contemplating alternative approaches to medicine.


    ◯ Zine #6 Sick Time Crip Time Caring Time is part of the show Sick Time... Against Capitalism's Temporal Bullying, curated by Taraneh Fazeli at The Luminary, St. Louis, US

    ◯ FGRG joined Henrike Iglesias in their feminist utopian school.

    ◯ Leora Fridman wrote this text on FGRG for Temporary Art Review

    ◯ Romily Alice Walden published this interview with FGRG at Berlin Art Link

    ◯ Working Together!
Workshop on precarious working conditions in the arts. FemPower Burg Giebichenstein, Halle.


    ◯ Feministische Gesundheitsrecherche- gruppe (Inga Zimprich) participates in LUCKY, an exhibition at nGbK curated by Coven. FGRG's Zine #5 explains in English how to gain access to the KSK - Künstlersozialkasse, the German artists health insurace.
   Download Zine here

    ◯ Small Self-help School
Feminist Health Care Research Group
(Julia Bonn, Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich) Workshop and inter-generational dialogue with Joan Murphy and Ciosia Basia on vaginal self-examiniation and reproductive rights.
   Arsenal City Gallery Poznan in Workshops of the Revolution, curated by Zofia nierodzinska May/June 2018


    ◯ We contributed Zine #6 to Sick Time, Crip Time, Sleepy Time – Against Capitalisms' Temporal Bullying, curated by Taraneh Fazeli at BEMIS Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha Nebraska. With conversations with Alyson Patsavas, Taraneh Fazeli


    ◯ FGRG's contribution to Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, on invitation by Michaela Richter


    ◯ Poster
on FORT - Frauen organisieren Radikale Therapie for Multilogues on the Now: On Health, Work and Emotions, curated by Hana Janecková and Zuzana Jakalová, at Display, Prague, April - June 2018. Illustrations by Joris Bas Backer


    ◯ Would you support me, a workshop on Radical Therapy together with Jess Ward, at Display Prague.

    ◯ Sharing Vulnerability, talk at FEM-Power, Burg Giebichenstein

    ◯ Talk on Radio Corax about the ongoing research on the health movement

    ◯ Sickness Affinity Group
Members of Coven, Power Makes us Sick (PMS), Feminist Health Care Research Group, Zofia nierodzinska, Laura G Jones and others founded an affinity group of artists addressing sickness in their work.


    ◯ Zinoteka, Zine Library at Arsenal City Gallery Poznan developed by Zofia nierodzinska and Inga Zimprich

    ◯    FFBIZ - the feminist archive invited us as Feminist Health Care Research Group to contribute to their anniversary publication. We wrote a letter to the authors of Hexengeflüster.

    ◯ Being in Crises together (Volume 1), an overnight workshop at No Play Feminist Trainingcamp at ngbk 2016 by Feminist Health Care Research Group Berlin (Julia Bonn, Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich)


    ◯ Launching our second zine Political Feelings at District Berlin, 2016


    ◯ Sick Leave second research meeting by feminist Health Care Research Group in 2015 at District Berlin

    ◯ In 2015 Feminist Health Care Research Group was founded during a five day long research meeting at Flutgraben e.V.

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