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          Intro to Riso Printing
with Romily Alice Walden and Clay AD of SICK TIME PRESS

Deutsche Alltagssprache | English
Clay AD and Romily Alice Walden of SICK TIME PRESS invite you to come to an introductory risograph printing workshop. During these 2 hour workshops we will introduce small groups of 1-3 people to the risograph printing process, inviting you to experiment with drawing, collaging and copying and leave with 15 A3 prints of your own design.
Why Riso?

Risograph printing is a Japanese printing technique developed in the 1950s.

It is an eco-friendly printing process using plant-based inks that allows you to produce beautiful prints very quickly and relatively cheaply.

This means its great for sharing DIY zines, publications, posters, protest materials, instructional information etc.
What will we do in the workshop?
  • We will introduce you to the riso machine, its different parts, how to print, how to load paper and load the colour drums.
  • We will introduce you to various riso printing techniques, zine making and folding techniques and show you examples of home-made/activist/DIY zines and publications that we love.
  • We will give you time to play with collage materials and pen and paper supplies to create your own one colour A3 print.
  • We will help you to print 15 copies of your design from a choice of ink colours and paper stocks.
    Who is this workshop for?

    Anyone who wants to learn a new skill and have fun experimenting with print.

    You don't have to have published anything before, and you don't have to be an artist to join in. A lot of riso prints are TEXT only, a lot are purely experimental, you can really bring whatever you'd like to the session.
    What about corona?

    We will be hosting 3 workshops, each with a very small number of 1-3 participants.

    The workshops will be hosted in a 30sqm studio space.

    We will be distancing as much as possible within the limitations of the workshop format and the studio space.

    Everyone will be asked to wear masks for the duration of the workshop (unless you have a medical exemption).

    We will disinfect the riso and supplies as far as possible between workshops.

    We encourage you to come to a workshop in a pod of friends (up to 3 people per workshop) if you would like to. Or to specify on the registration form that you would like to take the workshop alone. If you don't specify either of these things we will match individual participants into groups of 3.
    What about access needs?

    When registering for the workshop, please let us know your access needs. We will then do everything we can to make the session accessible for you. As chronically ill / disabled workshop leaders, we are committed to creating a comfortable and accessible experience for our participants.
    We look forward to meeting and printing with you!

    Monday 5th October from 12-14h
    Monday 5th October from 15-17h
    Tuesday 6th October from 12-14h

    You can specify in the registration form about access needs. Find the form at:

    Contact us at
    Visit our event page on Kubinaut

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