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    Sick Time Press Workshop Series

    Leichte Sprache | Plain Language
    Deutsche Alltagssprache | English
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           Part 1

[image description: cosy collage using image of Laura and Anisha, where they are both leaning and chilling against a background of colours and shapes. Anisha is on the left leaning towards Laura, behind her is leopard material, and Laura on the right is resting their head on some red textured cloth. The background is mostly bright pink with a cropped yellow square at the top centre, white text across image reads FemmeFitness x Sickness Affinity Group]

          Sharing Movement Through Collage and Print:
Laura Lulika & Anisha Müller

FemmeFitness x Sickness Affinity Group

Leichte Sprache | Plain Language
Deutsche Alltagssprache | English

    In a time of exhausting performative activism, Laura Lulika and Anisha Müller will be hosting a creative empowerment workshop...
    Bringing our practices together with you, we will dance, move and be creative in a way that cares for Femme, Queer, Trans, Disabled and/ BIPoC folks. As artists and activists invested in the practice of accessibility in the arts, we have devised a 2-hour workshop for people to join at their own capacity.
    The workshop will explore (our own) bodies and communicate movement through different artistic forms such as collage, illustration and text. The idea is to translate physical expressions of dance and movement to printed matter. We aim to discover ways to record and share personal movement or dance sequences that we find helpful.
    Being fully aware how hard it can be for people in our communities to commit to specific times, or even have the energy for creative downtime, we will offer different options for participation. We will send the participants collage materials by post or email*, who can then follow the recorded dance material or join the online workshop. At the end any pieces of work that the participants would like to contribute will go towards a collaborative zine, bringing together all the pieces created during the workshop by participants in different places. We will send this final zine to everyone who participated to keep afterwards!
    There is no pressure to be productive or even visible in the workshop (video off is always an option), as we know how intimidating and nerve-wracking dance and fine art can be! We hope to approach the workshop with the care that too often is missing from artistic institutions, and create a safer space for expression. No previous experience in dance or art is needed to participate.
    *If you live outside the UK/ Germany we will send the materials via email and not in the post so that you receive it in time for the workshop.

When: 30th August at 3pm (CET)
Where: Online Zoom workshop or recorded version of workshop
How: Sign up with your details here before the 9th August to receive collage material and join the activities in the format you prefer.
*Fully Booked* if you didn't manage to sign up and still really want to, send us a message and we will see what we can do! message on insta (@lauralulika / @femmefitnessss) or email
Who: Priority goes to Femme, Trans, Queer, Disabled people and BIPoCs but it is open to all.
Cost: Free

          Accessibility info: You will need a computer or device with internet access. If participating live doesn.t work or feel comfortable for you, you can watch a recorded video of the hosts that we can send after the workshop (only the hosts will be recorded, no participants will be recorded during this workshop). We will host the workshop on Zoom in English, but we are open to other languages and forms of communications. You do not have to have your video or sound on and there is a function to share name and pronouns. The workshop can be transcribed live and we will send the videos with subtitles and separate transcriptions if needed. For the dance and movement parts you can join in as much or little as suits you; there will be standing, chair and floor choreographies. For the collage/recording part you can use scissors, glue, pens whatever creative materials you have!

Please let us know your full accessibility needs so we can do our best to prepare appropriately. We have put aside money and time to meet access needs. Please don.t hesitate to ask us for: translation, transcription, sign language, adjustments to time and format, accommodating children, and anything else!

You can email Laura (they/them) or Anisha (she/her) at
Visit our event page on Kubinaut and Facebook

The workshop series is supported by Durchstarten
Fördermodul für neue Expert*innen der Kulturellen Bildung in Berlin