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Image: Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe: Recherchefoto Brot und Rosen, Frauenhandbuch Nr. 1, S. 14 + S. 15, 1974

   Practices of radical health care -
   materials of the health movement of West-Berlin
   during the 1970s and 1980s
   Feminist Health Care Research Group
   (Julia Bonn, Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich)
   June 16th to July 29th 2018
   Kabinett at District Berlin

Practices of radical health care--materials of the health movement of West-Berlin during the 1970s and 1980s is an artistic research about the health movement of West-Berlin. At the intersection of feminist struggles with the squatting scene radical health institutions were founded and health collectives, self-help groups and new counselling services emerged, criticizing the prevailing patriarchal healthcare system. Since 2015 the Feminist Health Care Research Group (FHCRG) develops artistic perspectives on health care and Berlin's health movement in particular. It gathers documentation, meets with protagonists and visits initiatives aiming to regain feminist and self-empowering approaches to health care.
      Supported by Senat für kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Gerda-Weiler-Stiftung, Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung, Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt

Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe (Inga Zimprich) participates in LUCKY, an exhibition at nGbK curated by Coven. The show reads luck as a cultural myth that normalizes privilege. FGRG will look at the many things we blame ourselves for not managing, amongst which is to get our professional stuff together and gaining access into KSK - Künstlersozialkasse.

   Small Self-help School
   Feminist Health Care Research Group
   (Julia Bonn, Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich)

   Arsenal City Gallery Poznan
   in Workshops of the Revolution, curated by Zofia nierodzinska
   May/June 2018

During the 1970s the health movement emerged in West-Berlin at the fringes of feminist struggles and the squatting scene. Various initiatives, projects and groups emerged which opposed the patriarchal medical gaze and worked towards medical, psychological and bodily self-determination. Alternative health institutions like Heilehaus (healing house), Weglaufhaus (runaway house), and Feminist Women's Health Center were founded, doctors' and pharmacists' collectives were established, some of which persevere to provide emancipatory and self-empowering health services today. In particular self-help groups, radical and feminist therapy and problem solving groups aimed to reclaim knowledge of one's own body and needs.
Far beyond today's paradigm of wellness and self-optimisation the health movement politicized medical self-determination as a site of collective social struggle and unfolded practices of mutual care.
During Workshops of the Revolution the Feminist Health Care Research Group establishes a Small Self-help School, which aims to retrieve practices and knowledge from the health movement. In conversation with activists from the health movement and contemporary activists working for reproductive rights we will test out, compare and actualize approaches of self help and mutual care.

Currently I develop a work dealing with FORT - Frauen organisieren Radikale Therapie for Multilogues on the Now: On Health, Work and Emotions, curated by Hana Janecková and Zuzana Jakalová, at Display, Prague, April - June 2018. I collaborate with Joris Bas Backer.

   Zine #5
I just want more time
We participate in the exhibition Sick Time, Sleepy Time, Crip Time: Against Capitalism's Temporal Bullying, curated by Taraneh Fazeli at Bemis Art Center, Omaha, Nebraska. In zine #5 we summarize our beginning research Sick Time, Crip Time, Caring Time (in November 2011 at M1, Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung) towards a collection of working material which invites colleagues, care activists and artists to contribute.

   Affinity Group / Krankfeiern
Members of Coven, Power Makes us Sick (PMS), Feminist Health Care Research Group, Zofia nierodzinska, Laura G Jones and others founded an affinity group of artists addressing sickness in their work. We meet on a regular bases to spend time, get to know each other, exchange about practices and to branch out into different works. Currently we developed the project proposal Krankfeiern during nGbK's 2018 Auftakt/Prelude

Zine Library at Arsenal City Gallery Poznan
Concept: Inga Zimprich, Zofia nierodzinska,
Design: Inga Zimprich

FFBIZ - the feminist archive invited us as Feminist Health Care Research Group to contribute to their anniversary publication. We wrote a letter to the authors of Hexengeflüster, the founding women of Feminist Health Care Center in Berlin. Publication launched on April 5th 2018 at Frieda Frauenzentrum, Berlin.

   The Century of the Artist
(Sönke Hallmann, Inga Zimprich)
We develop an inquiry, workshop and research dealing with the effects our individual post-adolescent choices to become artists have had on the way we live our lives politically. Part of The Glitter(y) and Misery of European Middle Classes, initiated by Nebojsa Milikic at Tranzit in Iasi, RO. October 2017
   Download Century of the Artist Poster

   Century of the Artist Workshop Iasi
   Saturday, October 28th, 2017 2 - 6 pm / Iasi

   Century of the Artist Workshop Berlin
   Sunday, October 8th, 2017 2 - 7 pm
   Project studio at Flutgraben e.V.

Working Together!
We issue a zine and give a workshop on our methods as FGRG in Tranzitdisplay's Multilogue on Health, September, 2017, Prague. Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe Berlin

Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe Berlin launched the third zine Being in Crisis Together to conclude our residency with Power Makes us Sick at ZKU. During Gütermarkt on July 2nd 2017
   See images (download coming soon on FGRG website)

Feminist Health Care Research Group shares a residency with Power Makes Us Sick (PMS) at Ständige Vertretung at ZKU Berlin during May and June 2017.

We received the art award by Arthur-Boskamp Stiftung at M.1 Hohenlockstedt 2017/2018. Under the title Sick Time, Crip Time, Caring Time Julia Bonn, Alice Münch and I will jointly question how we deal with deviation from norms.
   Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe Berlin

Departing from vulnerability
Reclaiming self-empowering strategies in health care
Workshop and talk on the work of Feminist Health Care Research Group at Psychoanalyses and Liberation, on the initiative of Maaike Engelen. Middlesex University, London
June 18th, 2017

Multilogue on Health
Display Prague opened its multilogue #1 on health with a debate moderated by Katerina Kolarova, with Alyson Patsavas, Inga Zimprich, Tabita Rezaire, Katarina Morhacova
June 16th, 2017, Tranzitdisplay, Prague
   watch video

I participated in this panel on cultural politics at the Goethe Institute Madrid

Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe Berlin conducts a workshop for Gesundheitskollektiv (GeKo), April 2017, HeileHaus

Small School of Precarious Labour
Three-day workshop with students of Intermedia, Body Design and Design Department at Brno Technical University. Co-organized with Martina Ruzickova and Pavel Sterec. Presentation at PRAHA project space.
   Download Flyer
   See images

We relaunched Inverse Institution's website after working without a space and developing formats of recapitulating our previous practice in 2016. Currently we are developing a publication of Inverse Institution methods and prepare to open the Inverse Institution Praxisraum this year. Inverse Institution is Janine Eisenächer, Sönke Hallmann, Jo Zahn, Inga Zimprich and meets in regular intervals as a collective curatorial practice of institutional critique.
      Inverse Institution

I participated at Wem gehört die Kunst? Ringlokschuppen, Mühlheim Ruhr, February 2017

Together with Ina Wudtke we discussed the video works of Chto Delat as part of the series Der Bau der Intrige - Über Filme die was machen, organized by D21 project space in Luru Kino, Leipzig.
January 2017

Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe contributes to a day of workshops on education practices during Un/Disciplinary Learning at District Berlin Schulinsel Scharfenberg - Sorry But here its a mess... Empowerment, November 13th 2016
   Download PDF (from zine #3)

With students of Brno Technical University we spoke about precarious working conditions departing from AG Arbeit's poster "we imagine a persona" (see below). On the occasion of the opening of Afterlife, exhibition by students of the Intermedia Department from Brno Technical University at Czech Center, Berlin. October 2016


      Recherchebibliothek Gesundheitsbewegung
      Kotti-Shop, HeileHaus,
      August/September 2016

   Die feministische Recherchegruppe Berlin sendet drei Ausgaben
   Gesundheitsbewegungsradio bei

      --Autonome Sanitäter*innen Auszug
      --Sendung # 1 befasst sich mit Frauengesundheit. Mit Auszügen
   aus Gesprächen mit Johanna Hedva, Diana Thielen,
   Dagmar Schultz und Joan Murphy, Gründer*innen der Berliner
   Feministischen Frauengesundheitszentrums

      --Sendung # 2 spricht von Autonomen Sanitäter*innen, dem
   Heilehaus und dem Gesundheitsladen. Mit Auszügen aus Gesprächen
   mit Aja Lüchtradt und Barbara Bohl.

      --In Sendung #3 ist das Gesundheitskollektiv GeKo zu Gast.
   Wir besprechen gemeinsam Beispiele kollektiver Arztpraxen, die
   auf dem Gesundheitstag 1981 vorgestellt wurden.

      19. August 2016
      Wir verarzten uns selbst!
      Ein Workshop zur Gesundheitsbewegung in unserer
      Recherchebibliothek im Kotti-Shop und im HeileHaus

Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe Berlin (Julia Bonn, Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich)
In September 2016 we will install a small public research library on the healthcare movement of the 1980ies in Kreuzberg. During three weeks we will work in Kotti Shop at Kottbusser Tor, gathering and discussing materials, meeting protagonists and concluding with a workshop. We visited FFBIZ - the feminist archive, the archive of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum, we met with Dagmar Schultz and Joan Murphy, initiators of FFBIZ - Feminist Health Care Center Berlin, Aja Lüchtradt, Barbara Bohl, Diana Thielen, Johanna Hedva and Gesundheitskollektiv (GeKO).
The Research Library is supported by the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Projektförderung.

Being in Crisis Together
Overnight Workshop by Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe Berlin (Julia Bonn, Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich) in the frame of the No Play feminist training camp at nGbK
18-19 June

Institutional weekend
a four-day workshop on institutions, with practical exercise on how we can imagine, critise, practice and invert institutions. Part of Method Fund's program Preface, taking place at Les Kurbas Center, Kiev, UA.
May 13-16th 2016
   Look at Institutional Weekend Zine

October Project
Third production of October Project. Collaborative writing on the history of contemporary art in Ukraine with Larissa Babij, Sönke Hallmann, Nikita Kadan, Lada Nakonechna, Anna Zvyagintseva, Inga Zimprich.

I received the stipend Berlin Global of the Berlin Senate, to work in Kiev from March - May 2016

We imagine a persona!
Poster by AG Arbeit (Alice Münch, Tatjana Fell, Inga Zimprich, Moira Zoitl), part of Haben und Brauchen (To Have and To Need).    Download Poster

As part of our failed proposal to work as a group
at nGbK in 2017 we produced a poster.
   Download here

Missy Radio on health
I participated as a guest in this issue of Missy Radio,
moderated by Julia Bonn and Anna Lena Wenzel.
We set in at minute 15.

Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe Berlin
(Julia Bonn, Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich)
Since January 2016 we work as a local research group that meets on a regular bases. As a feminist research group we want to negotiate how we gather and distribute knowledge collectively and we allow this process of learning to have an impact on our lives. We work by exploring methods and exercises within the group, and by visiting and learning from initiatives, groups and institutions, who have developed alternatives in health care. We publish our research in workshops and zines. From June on we meet at Heilehaus.

Zine Launch Sick Leave / Political Feelings
At District Berlin. We presented our second zine and brought our small research library.

Inverse Institution
As Inverse Institution (Janine Eisenächer, Sönke Hallmann, Jo Zahn, Inga Zimprich) we ended our collaboration with Flutgraben e.V. We will recapitulate the last five year's work and will develop other working formats.
   Inverse Institution newspaper
   Inverse Institution archive
   Inverse Institution Wiki

Political Feelings
Public workshop of the Feminist Health Care Research Group
at District Berlin
November 28th 2 - 7 pm

Sick Leave
Second research meeting of the Feminist Health Care Research Group (Alice Münch, Emilia Muller-Ginorio, Feli Reuschling, Inga Zimprich, Isabell Gross, Isabella Schiele, Julia Bonn, Julia Entner, Tijana Stevanovic) at District Berlin.
Internal research meeting visiting Antipsychiatrische Beratungsstelle, Zieten Apotheke and joining a demonstration organized by International Womens Space and other initiatives
November 23rd - 25th

Faculty of Invisibility invites:
Body of Work Summercamp
June 26th to July 6th 2015, Künstlerhäuser Worpswede
   download poster as PDF

Krankheit zur Waffe!
Health Care Research Group
Alice Münch, Felicita Reuschling, Ingela Johansson, Inga Zimprich, Isabell Gross, Johanna Gustavsson, Julia Bonn, Julia Entner, Kornelia Kugler, Tijana Stevanovic. First meeting of a regular and long-term selforganized research group by women artists on health and health care. Visiting Spinnboden, Feministisches Frauengesundheitszentrum and Heilehaus. Meeting at Flutgraben e.V.
4. - 10. Mai 2015

Statement at Artists Organisations International
With Sonja Augart, Tatjana Fell, Alice Münch, Ina Wudtke as Haben und Brauchen / to Have and to Need.
   read the script
   watch as video (from min. 23 on)

Inverse Institution Newspaper
Turning institutional critique into collective practice
designed and risographed by Katja Gretzinger
   download pdf

Projekt einer Zeitschrift: Editorial, October 2014

Continuing Body of Work during our working period at Künstlerhäuser Worpswede in October 2014

Faculty of Invisibility: Auditorium
Assembly (4./5. June non-public) with Tashy Endres, Maaike Engelen, Sönke Hallmann, Annika Högner and Ingela Johansson in the translation boothes of the auditorium of Haus der Kulturen der Welt
      Sound recording by Faculty of Invisibility (Sönke Hallmann & Inga Zimprich) during Returning to Sender June 16 - 18th, 11am to 7 pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Formats and forms of writing... (Inverse Institution)
A workshop in two parts. April 15th/16th at Flutgraben e.V.
Formats and forms of writing by Liv Strand and Marcus Doverud
      Inverse Writing prepared by Lydia Hamann, Sönke Hallmann, Jo Zahn, Inga Zimprich

Constituting AG Arbeit (Haben und Brauchen) / Labour group (To have and to need) with Ulrike Jordan, Hannah Kruse, Naomi Hennig, Ute Weissleder, Tatjana Fell, Moira Zoitl, Alice Münch, Birgit Schlieps since 02/2014 continuously

Attending Cultures of the Curatorial at HGB Leipzig 2013 - 2015

October 2013 working on Body of Work during our working period at Künstlerhäuser Worpswede

Inverse Institution Workshop
October 23rd to 26th at Flutgraben e.V. organized by Sönke Hallmann, Lydia Hamann, Jo Zahn, Inga Zimprich. With amongst others Alpha Nova, Freja Bäckmann, Hanna Bergfors, Paula Bulling, Tashy Endres, Interflugs, Sarah Harrison, Naomi Henning, Annika Högner, Ingela Johansson, Ulrike Jordan, Doris Koch, Selbstbibliothek, Liv Strand, Eva Wohlleben und Yacintha van Zuidam.
      Invitation DE/EN
      Images 1 2 3 4

October project Odessa
We (Larissa Babij, Sönke Hallmann, Nikita Kadan, Lada Nakonechna, Inga Zimprich, Anya Zvyagintseva) continued October Project in Ukraine, at the Odessa Biennial 2013 and editing and adding to our previous script (developed in Berlin in 2011) that was read, interrupted by and commented on by/together with the audience.
      Images 1 2 3 4 5 6

Talking about Workshops (Inverse Institution)
a conversation at Flutgraben with artists and practitioners who employ workshops in their practice, discussing the meaning and implication of this methodology.

Kollektive Zusammenhänge verknüpfen (Inverse Institution)
workmeeting organized by Lydia Hamann, Naomi Hennig and Ulrike Jordan

a shared self-organized library maintained by some ten people at Flutgraben e.V., coming forth from Selbstuniversität and studio Florida.

       Tschüss Tim

Inverse Institution

      I sometimes wonder why is it that institutional critique
      has been usually practiced by one artist towards one institution?
      Why didn't institutional critique become a group practice instead?

Since 2011 Inverse Institution - programmatic outline at Flutgraben e.V. Currently developed by and with Lydia Hamann, Janine Eisenächer, Sönke Hallmann, Jo Zahn, Inga Zimprich: Inverse Institution is an attempt to gradually subject all aspects of the contemporary art institutional to an inquiry into how we'd like to accommodate our desires, requirements, collective artistic practices institutionally. Relevant institutional aspects under consideration are the relation between artistic guests and hosting institution, internal working formats (like workshops, discussions, rehearsals and research) and the relation to an audience, the negotiation between visible and invisible labor (reward and wage) within the institution, the notion of audience vs an integral number of participants, forms of publicizing Inverse Institution (publishing impulse), the duration of collaborative commitments and the effect artistic work has on the inviting institution's course.
      Our co-workers include amongst others Sarah Harrison, Tijana Stevanovic, Radikal Pedagogik (Johanna Gustafsson & Lisa Nyberg), Michael Murtaugh, k2ao, Salong!, Wir Spielen, Isabell Gross, Isabella Schiele, Julia Entner, Liv Strand, Sezgin Boynik, Minna Hendriksson, Nebojsa Milikic and more.
      Hosted formats include Capitalism as we live it, Doing things together, Domestic Utopias drawing workshop, Kollektive Zusammenhänge verknüpfen, the revolution starts at home and several more.

Ein Besuch im Laden Lothringer 13 speaking about Flutgraben

Projekt einer Zeitschrift
mit Marga Tsomou, Isabell Gross, Stephan Janitzky, Pablo Müller und/organisiert von Sönke Hallmann und Bernie Doessegger, ZHdK Zürich

Reaction on the debate on the situation of cultural workers in Serbia at Cultural Center Rex, Belgrade, January 2013

Faculty of Invisibility Embodiment
Sketch and Research for Body of Work, a production (upcoming) on the body as a site of institutional critique. June - September 2012 at Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, PL.
   Images 1 2 3

Faculty of Invisibility: Voice
   February 2012

      Record 1
      Side A: Recorder
      Side B: Whisper
      Record 2
      Side A: Written Voice
      Side B: Exhibiting
      Record 3
      Side A: Imaginary Audience
      Side B: Double

Faculty of Invisibility: Listening
   a meeting of the Faculty of Invisibility
   at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), Stockholm,
   supported by Iaspis. February 2012

October Project
Larissa Babij, Sönke Hallmann, Lada Nakonechna, Nikita Kadan, Inga Zimprich, Anna Zvyagintseva. October 9th - 19th at Flutgraben e.V.

If one could make one's
own coming to speech a gift

   Vom Glück des Publikums

Flutgraben e.V.
Since 2010 ongoing
board member and artistic programming of Flutgraben, a non-profit art association accommodating artist studios and a project space in Berlin. With Janine Eisenächer, Sönke Hallmann et al.

A, B, C...
May 2011
Der Entwendete Brief. Department of Reading Veranstaltung mit Johannes Porsch, Tanja Widmann, Sönke Hallmann und anderen im Rahmen von Troubling Research, Wien.

December 2010 - February 2011
On the closure of Manifesta 8 the Faculty of Invisibility has issued a series of letters, sent to institutions which both locally as well as internationally have been associated with Manifesta 8. The list of recipients is drawn from the partner institutions Manifesta Foundation lists on its website.
   List of addressees
      Letter series in Spanish
      Letter series in English
      Letter series in Dutch
      Letter series in German

Assembly / Versammlung
July / August 2010

   Invitation poster PDF
   Concept EN / DE
   Installation Views

What does it mean to gather within the language-based apparatus of the institution - within those places the institution provides, but which in turn reproduce the institutional itself? What can it mean to gain articulation in them, to have a voice within them? How could one open a space of speech inside the institutional realm in which one's own being-in-language becomes apparent and available?

A curatorial guest project of the Faculty of Invisibility at Shedhalle, Zürich, CH. With Sophia Bickhardt, Laurie Cohen, Benjamin Cölle, Maaike Engelen, Clemence Freschard, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Ingela Johansson, Lucie Kolb, Achim Lengerer, M7red (Mauricio Corbalan, Pio Torroja), p-r-o-x-y (Sibylle Koch, Annatina Caprez, Bernie Dössegger, David Gaus), Dagmar Reichert, Darren Rhymes, Jan Rolletschek, Elske Rosenfeld, Romy Rügger, Simone Schardt, Johan Siebers, Tanja Widmann et al
Materials on loan by Robert Havemann Gesellschaft, Archiv Grünes Gedächtnis der Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Retreats by Maartje Dros, Francois Lombarts

      Ghosts Like Me 1 2 3 4

      16. - 18.7.2010
      Faculty of Invisibility
      Images 1 2 3 4 5 6

      The Round Table of the GDR
      Der Zentrale Runde Tisch der DDR
      Images 1 2 3 4 5

      30/31.7. / 1.8.2010
      Department of Reading:
      Masse, Bewegung, Bild
      Images 1 2

      Shedhalle als Archiv
      Auszüge (soon)

Dark Light
April to Mai 2010
A production of the Faculty of Invisibility with Darren Rhymes, Maaike Engelen, Sönke Hallmann, Inga Zimprich, Tanja Widmann, Kerstin Meyer, Dagmar Reichert at Transmission Gallery Glasgow, UK.
   Member's letters
   Spokesperson Darren Rhymes
   Public Voice

   A Spokesperson's Room (exhibition)
      Good bye of a Spokesperson
      Theatre | Interim Location
      Images 1 2 3

Echo's Book
March 2010
Book Launch of the publication summarizing the Department of Reading's Symposium of Readers that took place in 2007. Edited by Sönke Hallmann, designed by Paul Gangloff. Hosted in Flutgraben e.V. Berlin.

Disassembling Voice
March 2010
A reading session on Michael Jackson in the series Speech Practice / Ongoing Propositions Under Different Conditions. With Achim Lengerer, Tanja Widmann, Sönke Hallmann, Anders Jakobson, Ingrid Cogne. In the Department of Reading. Designed by Paul Gangloff. IASPIS, Stockholm, Sweden.
   Tableau & Script

Putting in Force
November 2009
A meeting of the Faculty of Invisibility, with Maaike Engelen, Paul Gangloff, Emma de Vries, Sönke Hallmann, Inga Zimprich.
Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck, Austria.
      Any Spokesperson's voice

Exemplary Readings
July 2009
Der Autor als Geste. Mit Tanja Widmann, Sönke Hallmann, Helmut Draxler, Elske Rosenfeld im Flutgraben e.V. Berlin. Eine Serie des Department of Reading

March 2009
Launch of the first issue of the online bi-lingual newspaper on art and theory Zombie.
With Nikita Kadan, Sönke Hallmann
Online presentations by Catalin Gheorghe, Vector Association, Iasi, RO; Jelena Vesic, Dusan Grlja Prelom Kollektiv, Belgrade Serbia; Artur Klinov, Partisan Magazine, Minsk, Belorussia
at Foundation Center for Contemporary Art Kyiv, Ukraine.
Supported by Goethe Institute Kiev.

Hiat, Gag, Geste
February 2009
A reading of Exemplary Readings takes place at Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt, Austria. With Sönke Hallmann, Tanja Widman

Blue House
Dec 2008 / Jan 2009
A six week long stay at Het Blauwe Huis working on the project United Nations Artist in Residence. Amsterdam, NL

November 3rd 2008
The Faculty of Invisibility was established in December 2006, as an Institution designed to transgress formats of social organization.
During its last production, The Invitation, the participating tutors realized that the Faculty of Invisibility is always already over.
On invitation of Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, these tutors decided to leave their post.
Responding to that tendency of decay, which always already works in each law and every institution,You Can Leave Your Post Now announces the resignation of the Faculty of Invisibility.
It makes use of quotations from Franz Kafka's The Blue Octavo Notebooks and Heiner Müller's stage adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's Fatzer Fragments.
500 A2 posters printed at Laser-line in not enough time by Sönke Hallmann, Paul Gangloff, Inga Zimprich.

Speaking of a gap can cause doubles
October 2008
CCCK at the Iasi Periferic Biennial 8 - Art as Gift
With Ingela Johansson, Sönke Hallmann. Curated by Dora Hegyi. Iasi, Romania

Exemplary Readings
September 2008
First reading session in a series with Sönke Hallmann, Tanja Widmann

CCCK visits and researches the former Soros Art Centers in Kyiv, Odessa, and Chisinau during August and September 2008 in view of Periferic 8 - Art as Gift. Supported by Iaspis Sweden and Erste Stiftung.

The Invitation
December 10th 2007 until June 2008
Fourth Manifestation of the Faculty of Invisibility in the Department of Haunting. Developed by Sönke Hallmann (Dep. of Reading), Paul Gangloff (Dep. of Haunting) and Inga Zimprich (Dep. of Practice). In collaboration with De Appel curatorial program's final project Master Humphrey's Clock. Hosted by Het Blauwe Huis A residency for the mind, Amsterdam, Ijburg

Symposium for Readers
1/2 December 2007
by The Department of Reading
Initiated by Sönke Hallmann
at Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben

A short institutional affair
CCCK - Center for Context and Communication Kiev:
With Ingela Johansson, Volodymyr Kuznetsov.
At the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Ukraine Odessa 25/11 - 09/12 and at the Center for Contemporary Art Kyiv 25/10 - 25/11
Organized in the frame of the project EXTERIORS initiated by Index Foundation Stockholm, curated by Helena Holmberg and Mats Stjernstedt. Poster design: Ajdin Basic. Production assistance: Irene Gurkalo.
With works by, among others, Igor Chatskin, CCCK, Miroslav Kulshitsky, R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space), and the participation of Mihailo Rachkovetsky.

Ordnungen der Liebe
What went wrong with Manifesta 6?
With Ingela Johansson
Systemic family work based on the failure of Manifesta 6
Video, 19 minutes
Stills 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Therapist - Ursula Siemann
Anton Vidokle - Ursula Brüggemann
Mai Abu ElDahab - Christa Meuters
Florian Waldvogel - Rebekka Bär
International Foundation Manifesta - Jolanta Rarog
Nicosia for Art - Ulrike Paulmann Erlinghäuser
Students, Cypriots - Ursula Siemann
Advisors - Annette Gieren
Thanks: Ursula Siemann, Berto Aussems,
Achim Lengerer, Noaz Deshe & all representatives
Mönchengladbach 2006/2007

Commmuniqué (pdf)
The third manifestation of the Faculty of Invisibility
1000 copies distributed by the Faculty's tutors
Designed by Paul Gangloff
Supported by the Jan van Eyck Academie
Images 1 2 3 4 5
Friday, June 15th, 2007

Thinktank 1.0
- A groupware research and development project (2005-2007)
Technical Realization phase
Free groupware and hosting service based on the groupware Drupal.
Developed by Openmute
Project management: Laura Oldenbourg
The technical realization has been financed by
Digitale Pioniers

Post Funding Eastern Europe CCCK
Center for Context and Communication Kyiv

Bi-lingual brochure, 130 copies
With Ingela Johansson, Volodymyr Kuznetsov.
Images 1 2 3 4
Designed by Onedaynation
Supported by Iaspis
April 2007

The Speech
Faculty of Invisibility
First manifestation of the Faculty
Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL. 6/7/8 December 2006
With: Roé Cherpac, Wim Cuyvers (Department of Common Spaces), Paul Gangloff (Department of Haunting), David Goldenberg (Department of Post-autonomy), Sönke Hallmann (Department of Reading), Ingela Johansson (Department of Uncertainty), Nikita Kadan (Department of Parasitism and Symbioses), Lesya Khomenko (Department of Play), Volodymyr Kuznetsov (Department of Survival), Nebojsa Milikic (Department of Learning), Onedaynation, Hinrich Sachs (Department of Speech Genres), Monika Vykoukal (Department of Doubt), Inga Zimprich (Department of Practice)

Thinktank 0.1 - 0.1.3
Groupware research and development project. 2005 - 2007
Research phase
Publication design by Onedaynation.
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Monday - Look At The Network
Tuesday - Social Exchange Networks/Social Capital
Wednesday - Virtual Values
Thursday - Heterogeneous Knowledge Groups
Friday - How To Design/Program For Participation with: Marjolein Dijkman (artist, NL) Daniela Paes-Leao (artist, PT/NL) Robert Burghardt (Universität in Gründung, DE) Kim de Groot (media designer, NL) Ralo Mayer (Manoa Free University, AT) Esther Polak (artist, NL) Tamuna Chabashvili, Adi Hollander (PSWAR, NL) Tanguy Coenen (researcher, BE) Hinrich Sachs (artist CH/DE) Jeanne van Heeswijk (artist, NL) Mauricio Corbarlan (architect, AR) Roé Cherpac (artist, NL) Sandra Fauconnier (researcher, BE) Henrik Schrat (artist, DE) Kent Hansen (democratic innovation, DK) Antony Hudek (theoretician, US/NL) Auke Touwslager (media designer, NL) Jouke Kleerebezem (designer, FR/NL) Paul Gangloff, Selina Bütler (OneDayNation, NL) Marthe van Dessel (Bolwerk, BE) Ingrid Stojnic (media designer, BE) Wilfried Houjebek (socialfiction, NL) Richard Vijgen (media-designer, NL) and others
All conversations were hosted by Inga Zimprich and Elske Rosenfeld
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Public Space With A Roof
February 2006

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