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growing Zine Library
Arsenal City Gallery Poznan

Zines are self-published leaflets and publications which can easily be produced and distributed. Zines are used to circulate knowledge in activist and informal circles, sharing information about practices but also as a way to express sensations and views. The zine library at Arsenal Gallery is meant to bring some of the works by artists, activists and collectives together, who intervene with their practice into discourses relating to health, feminist, queer* and trans* health care, reproductive rights, mental health, sickness and others. The zine library will open with contributions by: Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe FGRG (Feminist Health Care Research Group) and the female zine "Double fold".

Concept: Inga Zimprich, Zofia nierodzinska
Design of the library display: Inga Zimprich
Production: Zbigniew Wanecki