Feminist Health Care Research Group Berlin
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     FGRG has issued four zines so far. In order to not depend on funding to make new copies, we sell them with a sliding scale from 3 to 8 Euro each, shipping costs additional.

     To order please email us: kontakt at feministische-recherchegruppe.org

     Zine #1
Turning illness into weapon
Initial international group leaving traces of its founding meeting in Berlin 2015.

     Zine #2
Political Feelings. Produced in the frame of Curatorial Practices. Fields and Techniques at District, Berlin, 2016.

     Zine #3
Being in Crisis Together
Summing up our research into self-organized, feminist and radical therapy and our workshop Being in Crisis Together during the No Play Feminist Trainingcamp 2016. Produced during a shared residency with Power Makes us Sick at Z/K/U Ständige Vertretung.

     Zine #4
Working Together: A handbook of methods used and developed by FGRG to structure meetings, begin and end groups, body work, visualisation, approaching sickness, sharing vulnerability. Produced with Display Prague.