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Working Together!
21. 9., 4 to 8 pm
Display Prag
Zine presentation and workshop on group-work methods
The workshop takes place in English
with whispered translation to Czech if required

During the workshop we will provide an area for kids to play and an additional person will be present to attend to them.

At Tranzit Display the Feminist Health Care Research Group presents its fourth zine "Working Together", which summarizes methods, exercises, questions and working formats, which have helped us in forming a self-organized research group. While we learn about issues of health, care and self-empowerment our research practice and methods frequently intersect with the topics of our research. How does one form a group, which makes space for sharing vulnerability, for sharing experiences of the body, of illness, and for sharing needs, particularly as artists? How do we relate our research to our actual feelings and our relations to each other? How can we allow that what we learn as Feminist Health Care Research Group really takes effect in our lives?

"Working Together" can either be read as a manual for setting up a regular group yourself, as instructions for small workshops or as a framework for self-reflection. Its form is largely inspired by our research into second wave feminist self-help, consciousness-raising and counseling groups, which issued practical advice, hands-on instructions for forming groups and running self-empowering meetings. With the workshop and zine "Working together" we want to propose ways in which methods from second wave feminist struggles can integrate into our practices as feminist cultural workers today: Making space for the personal, for our needs, meeting regularly in supportive groups and not lastly acknowledging how our seemingly subjective and isolated experiences make part of a larger political articulation: Voicing our shared need for mutual care.

Photo by Richard Janecek