Feminist Health Care Research Group Berlin
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     Small Self-help School
     Feminist Health Care Research Group
     (Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich)

     with Joan Murphy
     and Ciocia Basia

     June 2nd/June 3rd 2018
     Arsenal City Gallery Poznan
     in the frame of Workshops of Revolution
     Curated by Zofia nierodzinska

During Workshops of the Revolution the Feminist Health Care Research Group establishes a Small Self-help School, which aims to retrieve practices and knowledge from the health movement. In conversation with activists from the health movement and contemporary activists working for reproductive rights we will test out, compare and actualize approaches of self help and mutual care.

During the 1970s the health movement emerged in West-Berlin at the fringes of feminist struggles and the squatting scene. Various initiatives, projects and groups emerged which opposed the patriarchal medical gaze and worked towards medical, psychological and bodily self-determination. Alternative health institutions like Heilehaus (healing house), Weglaufhaus (runaway house), and Feminist Women's Health Center (FFGZ) were founded, doctors' and pharmacists' collectives were established, some of which persevere to provide emancipatory and self-empowering health services today. In particular self-help groups, radical and feminist therapy and problem solving groups aimed to reclaim knowledge of one's own body and needs.
Far beyond today's paradigm of wellness and self-optimisation the health movement politicized medical self-determination as a site of collective social struggle and unfolded practices of mutual care.