Feminist Health Care Research Group Berlin
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     Sick Leave

     Feminist health care research group (Alice Münch, Emilia Muller-Ginorio, Feli Reuschling, Inga Zimprich, Isabell Gross, Isabella Schiele, Julia Bonn, Julia Entner, Tijana Stevanovic)

Second research meeting November 23rd - 25th, public workshop Saturday, November 28th at District Berlin

We are a group of women* artists, who have gathered to self-organize a collective research into health and health care and at the same time question what it means to research collectively as artists. We aim to develop independent and feminist perspectives on the broad field of health, on wellbeing, our bodies, disease and care. With Sick Leave we would like to explore thinking and speaking through illness as a form of producing and sharing knowledge. We would like to begin by understanding illness as a collective means to struggle, interpreting our symptoms as articulations of critique and resistance.

When we are ill, we are usually depending, in need or waiting, for treatment, a place in an institution, for help, a therapist etc. Addressing health care usually takes place from the weaker position, from the place of the one in need. With Sick Leave we would like to ask what perspective emerges through dependency and weakness, and how we can find voice and recognition through understanding this position politically. As an empowering group we'd like to work against the attributions reglementing the field of health care such as sick and healthy, specialists and lay persons, fitness and inability, by developing own strategies of learning and knowing about health, wellbeing and care as artists.
What repressed knowledge can we recover collectively? What other care structures do we long for? How does our desire for other structures affect our practice as artists working together?