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   Recherchebibliothek Gesundheitsbewegung
   Kotti-Shop, HeileHaus, Kotti.fm
   August/September 2016

In August 2016 we built up up a small public research library, gathering materials about the healthcare movement (Gesundheitsbewegung), which emerged in Kreuzberg during the late 1970ies and 1980ies.
Set up at Kotti Shop at Kottbusser Tor during three weeks, we gathered materials from FFBIZ - the feminist archive and Museum Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Archive. We meet with protagonists of the health movement Aja Lüchtrat, Barbara Bohl, Joan Murphy and Dagmar Schultz. We further interviewed Johanna Hedva and Diana Thielen and met members of GeKo - Gesundheitskollektiv.

We concluded with a workshop during which we visited Heilehaus, spoke about the health movement and tinkered with photocopied visual materials.

Finally we produced three issues of Gesundheitsbewegungsradio, featuring excerpts from our interviews, exercises, music and fragments from our research

We received financial support from the Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain city council to realize the research library.