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Practices of radical health care -
materials of the health movement of West-Berlin
during the 1970s and 1980s

Feminist Health Care Research Group
(Julia Bonn, Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich)

Exhibition District Berlin
June 16th to July 29th 2018
opening June 16th 5 pm

Alpha Nova Galerie Futura
September 9th 2018

Launch at bbooks Berlin
Autumn 2018

Exhibition Arthur Boskamp Stiftung Hohenlockstedt
Autumn 2018

Practices of radical health care--materials of the health movement of West-Berlin during the 1970s and 1980s is an artistic research project consisting of exhibition, workshops, events and a publication focusing on the health movement of West-Berlin. At the intersection of feminist struggles with the squatting scene radical health institutions were founded and health collectives, self-help groups and new counselling services emerged, criticizing the prevailing patriarchal healthcare system. Since 2015 the Feminist Health Care Research Group (FHCRG) develops artistic perspectives on health care and Berlin's health movement in particular. It gathers documentation, meets with protagonists and visits initiatives aiming to regain feminist and self-empowering approaches to health care.

Supported by Berliner Senatskanzlei für kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Gerda-Weiler-Stiftung, Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung, Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt

Image: Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe: Research image Brot und Rosen, Frauenhandbuch Nr. 1, S.14 + S.15, 1974